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Applying flood resilience technologies (GG 84)

Applying flood resilience technologies (GG 84)

by Stephen Garvin and Katy Hunter (08-Sep-2014)


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Book Description

This Good Building Guide outlines steps that can be taken to protect buildings or communities against flooding by means of flood resilience (FRe) technologies, that is, flood protection products which can provide resistance or resilience to flooding impacts. It covers two particular types of FRe technologies, aperture barriers (or property level protection) and perimeter barriers, and provides information on: - types of flooding- flood risk management strategies- flood survey - types of FRe technologies- design and testing standards- installation procedures- maintenance requirements.This practical guidance will help developers, planners, designers, construction managers and operatives to identify flood risk, plan for flood risk management, and correctly design, install and maintain FRe technologies.

Flood riskTypes of flooding
Flood risk management strategy
Types of FRe technologies
- Building aperture technology or property level protection
- Perimeter technology
- Building technology
- Infrastructure technology
- Wet-proofing and resilient materials
Relevant design and testing standards
- Aperture barriers
- Perimeter barriers
Further reading and information 

A4, 12pp, 13 drawings, 4 photos

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