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Managing fire risk in commercial buildings: A guide for facilities managers (IP 11/14)

Managing fire risk in commercial buildings: A guide for facilities managers (IP 11/14)

by Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell and Tom Taylor (23-Sep-2014)


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Book Description

This Information Paper provides guidance on how to deliver fire resilience in commercial buildings through improved facilities management. It is the latest in a series of BRE publications providing guidance for facilities managers, maintenance contractors and building owners on a number of issues relating to the operation and management of commercial buildings.In England and Wales, employers and other persons who have control of premises are required by legislation to carry out an assessment of the fire risks to occupants of buildings and other people in the vicinity, to ensure that they are safe from fire and its effects. The first part of this Information Paper explains the basic methodology behind carrying out a fire risk assessment before considering how best to deal with residual risks. The second part gives a brief overview of the operation and maintenance requirements for fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, firefighting equipment and emergency lighting.

Fire risk assessment: identifying hazards and people in the premises
-Step 1: Hazard identification
-Step 2: People in the premises
-Step 3: Risk analysis
-Step 4: Significant findings
-Step 5: After the risk assessment – what next?
Fire risk management: coping with residual risks
-Fire prevention
-Other aspects of fire safety management
Planning, recording, instruction and training
Fire protection equipment and facilities
-Fire detection and warning systems
-First-aid firefighting
-Suppression systems
-Smoke control
-Emergency lighting
-Fire doors
-Facilities for fire and rescue services

A4, 8pp, 3 drawings, 1 photo

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