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A technical guide to district heating (FB 72)

A technical guide to district heating (FB 72)

by Robin Wiltshire, Jonathan Williams and Paul Woods (02-Dec-2014)


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Book Description

This guide is aimed at all involved in the technical aspects of district heating networks. It provides a source of information for people developing new schemes or refurbishing existing schemes, focusing particularly on technical rather than financial issues. The importance of other low-carbon sources of heat including thermal renewable energy is emphasised. Comprehensive technical information is presented, with sections outlining system and component design, and operation and maintenance.


Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 What is district heating?
-Who has implemented schemes in the UK?
-Where have schemes been implemented in the UK?
-Benefits of district heating
-The starting point
3 System design
-System configuration
-Optimisation of system temperatures
-Optimisation of system pressures
-Designing for flexible development
-Summary of district heating overall system design
4 Component design
-At the energy centre
-Heating distribution network
-Connection of buildings to district heating
-Metering and charging systems
-Circulation pumping and pressurisation
-System control and monitoring
-District cooling
5 Operations and maintenance
-Record information on completion of construction
-Planned preventative maintenance
-Surveillance systems for preinsulated pipe systems
-Water treatment 
6 References
7 Relevant standards, codes of practice and publications

A4, 54pp, 13 drawings, 20 photos

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