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Radon protection for new dwellings (GG 74 revised) DOWNLOAD

Radon protection for new dwellings (GG 74 revised) DOWNLOAD

by Chris Scivyer (13-Jan-2015)

Book Description

The overall aim of this Good Building Guide is to give practical advice and guidance on the successful installation of radon-protective measures in new dwellings. It should be read in conjunction with BRE Report BR 211, Radon: guidance on protective measures for new buildings. This Good Building Guide replaces the guidance published in 2008.Two companion Good Building Guides cover radon-protective measures for new domestic extensions and conservatories and new large buildings (eg workplaces).

What is radon and why consider it for new dwellings?
Requirements for radon protection Protective measures
-Basic radon protection
-Full radon protection
Avoiding problems and getting it right
-Radon barriers (Barrier materials. Cavity protection. Lapping and sealing of membranes and trays. Continuity of barriers through internal walls. Service penetrations)
-Radon sumps
-Underfloor ventilation
-Type of floor construction (Sealing around service penetrations in beam-and-block floors. Laying the radon barrier for an in situ concrete floor)
-Protection of the completed radon barrier
-Stepped construction
Radon measurement for new dwellings
Further reading
-UK building regulations
-BRE publications

A4, 8pp, 5 line drawings, 6 photos

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