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Resource efficiency, site operation and handover: A collection of BRE expert guidance on construction site operation and management (AP 302) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Resource efficiency, site operation and handover: A collection of BRE expert guidance on construction site operation and management (AP 302) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (various) (01-Apr-2015)

Book Description

A valuable reference library of BRE publications on resource management, site operation and handover.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents, and current guidance and advice on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Resource efficiency
Better building: integrating the supply chain – a guide for clients and their consultants DG 450 (2005)
Composting in the construction industry IP 3/05 (2005)
Construction site packaging wastes: a market position report IP 8/02 (2002)
Non-ferrous metal wastes as aggregates in highway construction IP 8/06 (2006)
Offsite construction: an introduction GG 56 (2003)
Reclamation and recycling of building materials: industry position report IP 7/00 (2000)
Recycling fibre reinforced polymers in the construction industry IP 4/04 (2004)
Responsible sourcing of materials in construction IP 3/13 (2013)
Using small volume wastes in construction IP 9/05 (2005)

Site operation
Cleaning buildings: legislation and good practice DG 448 (2000)
Construction site communication:
Part 1 – General GG 54/1 (2003)
Part 2 – Masonry GG 54/2 (2003)
Construction logistics: an introduction DG 459 (2001)
Controlling emissions of particles, vapour and noise from construction sites:
Part 1 – Pre-project planning and effective management PCG 1 (2003)
Part 2 – Site preparation, demolition, earthworks and landscaping PCG 2 (2003)
Part 3 – Haulage routes, vehicles and plant PCG 3 (2003)
Part 4 – Materials handling, storage, stockpiles, spillage and disposal PCG 4 (2003)
Part 5 – Fabrication processes and internal and external finishes PCG 5 (2003)
Whole building commissioning:
Part 1 – A guide for clients IP 8/04/1 (2004)
Part 2 – A guide for designers IP 8/04/2 (2004)
Part 3 – A guide for specifiers IP 8/04/3 (2004)
Part 4 – A guide for facilities managers IP 8/04/4 (2004)
Working with local businesses and residents GG 71 (2007)

HOBO protocol: handover of office building operations DG 474 (2002)

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(AP 299) Concrete in construction 

(AP 300) Timber in construction 

(AP 301) Climate resilience

(AP 302) Resource efficiency, site operation and handover

(AP 303) Air quality, radon and airtightness

(AP 304) Daylight and shading

(AP 309) Condensation and dampness

(AP 310) Soils, ground investigation and foundations

(AP 311) Renewable energy

(AP 312) Fire safety in buildings

(AP 313) Fire engineering

(AP 314) Sustainable design and assets

(AP 315) Sustainability

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