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Climate resilience: A collection of BRE expert guidance on managing climate risks in the built environment (AP 301) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Climate resilience: A collection of BRE expert guidance on managing climate risks in the built environment (AP 301) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (various) (01-Apr-2015)

Book Description

A valuable reference library of BRE Digests and Information Papers on managing climate risks in the built environment.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents, and current guidance and advice on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Climate and site development:
Part 1 – General climate of the UK DG 350-1 (1990)
Part 2 – Influence of microclimate DG 350-2 (1990)
Part 3 – Improving microclimate through design DG 350-3 (1990)
Climate change: impact on building design and construction GG 63 (2010)
Cool roofs and their application in the UK IP 13/10 (2010)
Designing roofs for climate change: modifications to good practice guidance DG 499 (2006)
Designing urban streets to minimise heat island effects: understanding wind-driven convective heat transfer from the surfaces of inner-city buildings and streets IP 19/10 (2010)
New materials in hot climates DG 382 (1993)
Repairing frost damage:
Part 1 – Roofing GR 20-1 (1998)
Part 2 – Walls GR 20-2 (1998)

How to avoid damage and injuries during wind storms XL5
Slate and tile roofs: avoiding damage from aircraft wake vortices DG 467 (2002)
Static and dynamic wind loads on building-mounted microwind turbines IP 14/12 (2012)
The assessment of wind loads:
Part 7 – Wind speeds for serviceability and fatigue assessments DG 346-7 (1989)
Part 8 – Internal pressures DG 346-8 (1990)
Wind loads on unclad structures SD 5 (2004)
Wind loads on roof-mounted photovoltaic and solar thermal systems DG 489 (2014)
Wind microclimate around buildings DG 520 (2011)

Applying flood resilience technologies GG 84 (2014)
Flood-resilient building:
Part 1 – Legislation, planning, flood-risk assessment and performance of buildings DG 523-1 (2012)
Part 2 – Building in flood-risk areas and designing flood-resilient buildings DG 523-2 (2012)

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(AP 299) Concrete in construction 

(AP 300) Timber in construction 

(AP 301) Climate resilience

(AP 302) Resource efficiency, site operation and handover

(AP 303) Air quality, radon and airtightness

(AP 304) Daylight and shading

(AP 309) Condensation and dampness

(AP 310) Soils, ground investigation and foundations

(AP 311) Renewable energy

(AP 312) Fire safety in buildings

(AP 313) Fire engineering

(AP 314) Sustainable design and assets

(AP 315) Sustainability

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