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Building damp-free cavity walls (GG 33 revised)

Building damp-free cavity walls (GG 33 revised)

by Barry Reeves and Chris Scivyer (18-Mar-2015)


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Cavity walls should be built so that the inner leaf stays dry. Many building details are designed with this express purpose and are long-established. However, dampness is still a common problem in modern buildings, due to the faulty design or construction of damp-proofing measures or the wrong choice of material. This Good Building Guide gives guidance on how to ensure that new cavity walls do not suffer from dampness problems. It is aimed at architects and designers, engineers, site managers, house builders and masonry contractors, and replaces the guidance published in 1999.

Defects in the outer leaf
Problems caused by wall ties
Defects linked to cavity insulation
Where damp-proof courses and cavity trays are needed
Installing damp-proof courses
Installing cavity trays
Further reading

A4, 6pp

8 drawings, 8 photos

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