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Building on fill: geotechnical aspects 3rd edition 2015 <br>(FB 75) <b>DOWNLOAD</B>

Building on fill: geotechnical aspects 3rd edition 2015

by Ken Watts and Andrew Charles (13-Oct-2015)

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A high proportion of commercial, industrial and housing developments are now built on fills, that is ground that has been deposited by human activity rather than natural geological processes, and the political and commercial impetus to build on ‘brownfield’ land continues to grow. An adequate understanding of the behaviour of fills and the ways in which they can economically be rendered suitable for building purposes is a critical element in ensuring the safe development of such sites.

This third edition encompasses BRE’s unique experience over a period of more than 40 years of research and consultancy, and brings the subject up to date. New material includes:
- research findings and industry experience since publication of the second edition 14 years ago
- additional chapters on ground improvement and treatment using both proprietary and non-proprietary techniques
- six new case histories and updated cases from the second edition
- studies on the behaviour of fills over both a longer time period and a wider range of fills.


Part I: Fills in context

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Fill formation and deposits

Part II: Engineering behaviour of fills

Chapter 3 Properties of fills

Chapter 4 Volume changes in fills

Chapter 5 Collapse compression on wetting

Chapter 6 Boundaries and variable depth

Chapter 7 Investigation and monitoring

Part III: Construction on fills

Chapter 8 Treatment of fills: proprietary compactive techniques

Chapter 9 Treatment of fills: proprietary penetrative and other techniques

Chapter 10 Treatment of fills: non-proprietary techniques

Chapter 11 Engineered fill

Chapter 12 Foundations on fills

Part IV: Performance of fills

Chapter 13 Case histories: opencast mining backfill

Chapter 14 Case histories: colliery spoil

Chapter 15 Case histories: pre-1965 domestic refuse

Chapter 16 Case histories: post-1965 landfill

Chapter 17 Case histories: urban fill

Chapter 18 Building development on fills


Appendix A Building Research Station Digest 9

Appendix B Stress distribution below building foundations

Appendix C Settlement of foundations calculated using elastic theory

Appendix D Delineation of an exclusion zone over a highwall

Appendix E Effectiveness of field compaction by impact loading

Appendix F Analysis of stone columns under widespread load

Appendix G Model specification for engineered fill

References and further reading


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