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Sound insulation in dwellings: 3-part set (GG 83)<br>DOWNLOAD

Sound insulation in dwellings: 3-part set (GG 83)

by Gary Timmins and Ian West (30-Oct-2015)

Book Description

Considering the requirements relating to sound insulation at an early stage of any development reduces the likelihood of costly remediation measures and delays at completion.

This three-part Good Building Guide provides practical guidance for designers, construction managers and operatives, and property developers on understanding the requirements of national building regulations concerning the provision of sound insulation in dwellings. Part 1 explains the importance of providing good sound insulation between and within homes. Parts 2 and 3 give advice on providing the correct level of sound insulation when constructing new dwellings and converting a building into multiple dwellings.

Part 1: An introduction
Part 2: New-build
Part 3: Material change of use (conversions)

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