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Soakaway design (DG 365 - 2016)

Soakaway design (DG 365 - 2016)

by Stephen Garvin (24-Feb-2016)


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Book Description

Digest 365 is one of the most widely used BRE publications, aiding designers to support planning and development applications.

This new edition describes the design and construction procedures for soakaways, and explains how to calculate rainfall design values and soil infiltration rates. It also describes the soakage trial pit test that needs to be undertaken and how the measured soil rate infiltration rate is used in the soakaway design.

What's included in the new edition?
- Recommendations by The Environment Agency for predicted climate change effects.
- Data on a return period of 100 years.
- Description of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS).
- Flood management.
- Updated illustrations and new references
- Glossary.

1 Introduction
2 Design and construction considerations
3 Design
4 Construction
5 Maintenance, inspection and monitoring
6 Design examples
7 References
8 Further reading

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