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The full cost of poor housing (FB 81) <B> DOWNLOAD</B>

The full cost of poor housing (FB 81) DOWNLOAD

by Mike Roys, Simon Nicol, Helen Garrett and Susie Margoles (19-May-2016)

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There is a long-established, recognised relationship between poor housing and poor health. This report presents the findings from a joint BRE Trust–DCLG project to update and improve estimates of the cost to the NHS of living in poor housing. It builds on data originally published in The real cost of poor housing in 2010, which have been revised to reflect new knowledge and information that has since become available. It is estimated (using revised NHS information) that leaving vulnerable people living in the poorest 15% of England’s housing is costing the NHS some £1.4 billion per annum in first-year treatment costs. 

This report is aimed at surveyors, housing policy analysts and policy makers, town planners, housing managers in the public and private sector, landlords, property owners, health professionals and managers.

1 Executive summary
2 Background
3 Introduction
4 Updating the cost of poor housing and QALYs
-Defining poor housing
-The House Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
-Quantifying poor housing
-Quantifying the cost to society of poor housing
-What costs should be included?
-The total cost of poor housing
-Comparison with the earlier report
-Calculating health benefits by QALYs
-Understanding key hazards
5 The cost to society of poor housing
-Literature review
-Using society costs in the calculator
6 Expanding the methodology to all worse-than-average housing
-Excess cold
-Cost to the NHS
-Likelihoods at each level of risk
-Number of dwellings in each category
-The total cost of worse-than-average housing
7 Conclusion
-Revised costs and QALYs
-Costs to society
-Cost of all below-average housing
8 Case studies of health cost-benefit interventions
9 References

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