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Fire engineering: A collection of BRE expert guidance on fire modelling and engineering for the built environment (AP 313) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Fire engineering: A collection of BRE expert guidance on fire modelling and engineering for the built environment (AP 313) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (Various) (07-Jun-2016)

Book Description

A valuable reference library of BRE Digests, Information Papers, and Good Building and Repair Guides on fire modelling and engineering for the built environment.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents and current guidance and advice on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Fire simulation
An introduction to the use of fire modelling IP 12/10 (2010)
Evacuation modelling and human behaviour in fire DG 516 (2010)
Fire modelling with computational fluid dynamics DG 511 (2009)

Structural fire engineering design – Materials behaviour:
Part 1 – Concrete DG 487-1 (2004)
Part 2 – Steel DG 487-2 (2004)
Part 3 – Masonry DG 487-3 (2004)
Part 4 – Timber DG 487-4 (2004)
Passive and reactive fire protection to structural steel IP 6/12 (2012)
Precast Hollowcore slabs in fire IP 5/03 (2003)

Structural fire engineering design – Introduction DG 484 (2004)
Structural fire engineering design:
Part 1 – Aspects of life safety DG 490 (2004)
Part 2 – Fire and thermal response DG 488 (2004)
Part 3 – Fire development DG 485 (2004)
Assessing the fire performance of existing reinforced concrete flooring systems IP 9/12 (2012)
External fire performance of roofs DG 528 (2013)
Fire performance of light steel-framed buildings IP 6/11 (2011)
Fire performance of Structural Insulated Panel systems IP 21/10 (2010)
Steel structures supporting composite floor slabs: design for fire DG 462 (2001)

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(AP 299) Concrete in construction 

(AP 300) Timber in construction 

(AP 301) Climate resilience

(AP 302) Resource efficiency, site operation and handover

(AP 303) Air quality, radon and airtightness

(AP 304) Daylight and shading

(AP 309) Condensation and dampness

(AP 310) Soils, ground investigation and foundations

(AP 311) Renewable energy

(AP 312) Fire safety in buildings

(AP 313) Fire engineering

(AP 314) Sustainable design and assets

(AP 315) Sustainability

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