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BRE Good Building Guides and Good Repair Guides: A library of information for all construction professionals CD-ROM<br> (AP 281) NEW 2016

BRE Good Building Guides and Good Repair Guides: A library of information for all construction professionals CD-ROM
(AP 281) NEW 2016


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This updated (up to September 2016) compilation CD ROM comprises over 100 Good Building Guides and nearly 50 Good Repair Guides giving a huge reference library of advice, practical guidance and expertise from BRE.

Good Building Guides give concise guidance on the principles and practicalities for achieving good quality building. They draw on BRE experience and research, and other sources, to provide clear technical advice and solutions.

Good Repair Guides are accessible guides to the defects most commonly encountered in buildings and offer sound advice on putting them right. They are highly illustrated to make the problems and solutions easy to identify and understand

Since the previous edition we have added the following new or revised publications:
GR 38, GG 73 rev, GG 74 rev, GG 75 rev, GG 83-1, GG 83-2, GG83-3, GG 84, GG 28-1 rev

Building elements and structures
Cladding (1 guide)
Doors, windows and glazing (7 guides)
Floors, flooring and stairs 7( guides)
Geotechnics, soils and foundations (10 guides)
Masonry, walls and chimneys (26 guides)
Roofs and roofing (17 guides)
Structural design and performance (2 guides)

Design and management
Building design (2 guides)
Housing design and rehabilitation (4 guides)
Site organisation and management (6 guides)
Environment and services
Acoustics and sound insulation (3 guides)
Condensation and dampness (9 guides)
Electrical, control and IT systems (1 guide)
Energy and housing (2 guides)
Heating, insulation and air conditioning (2 guides)
Lighting (3 guides)
Radon and gas emissions (7 guides)
Ventilation and air quality (4 guides)
Water supply, drainage and sanitation (11 guides)
Wind, floods and climate (8 guides)

Fire and security
Fire safety, security and crime prevention (1 guide)

Composites, fibre reinforced materials and metals (1 guide)
Mortar, render and plaster (11 guides)
Paints, adhesives and sealants (3 guides)
Timber (4 guides)

Assessing moisture in building materials – 3 part set GR33
Bats and refurbishment GR36
Cleaning external walls of buildings – 2 part set GR27
Cracks caused by foundation movement GR1
Damage to buildings caused by trees GR2
Dealing with noisy plumbing GR32
Diagnosing the causes of dampness GR5
Earth, clay and chalk walls GR35
Flat roofs: Assessing a roof repair and making repairs – 2 part set GR16
Hot air repair of PVC-U windows and door frames GR31
Improving energy efficiency GR26
Improving sound insulation – 2 part set GR22
Improving ventilation in housing GR21
Internal painting: Tips and hints GR19
Radon solutions in homes: Part 1. Improving underfloor ventilation GR37/1
Radon solutions in homes: Part 2. Positive house ventilation GR37/2
Radon solutions in homes: Part 3. Radon sump systems GR37/3
Radon solutions in older homes GR38
Re-covering pitched roofs GR14
Refixing ceramic wall tiles to internal walls GR29
Remedying condensation in domestic pitched tiled roofs GR30
Repair and maintenance of FRP structures GR34
Repairing and replacing ground floors GR17
Repairing and replacing rainwater goods GR9
Repairing brick and block freestanding walls GR28
Repairing chimneys and parapets GR15
Repairing damage to brick and block walls GR3
Repairing flood damage – 4 part set GR11
Repairing frost damage GR20
Repairing timber windows GR10
Repairing masonry wall ties GR4
Repairing plasterwork GR18
Repointing external brickwork walls GR24
Supporting temporary openings GR25
Treating condensation in houses GR7
Treating Dampness in basements GR23
Treating rain penetration in houses GR8
Treating rising damp in houses GR6
Wood rot: Assessing and treating decay GR12
Wood-boring insect attack – 2 part set GR13

Achieving airtightness: Part 1: General principles GG67/1
Achieving airtightness: Part 1: Practical guidance on techniques: floors, walls and roofs GG67/2
Achieving airtightness: Part 3: Practical guidance on techniques: windows and doors, sealing methods and materials GG67/3
Assessing external rendering for replacement or repair GG23
Applying flood resilience technologies GG84
Basement construction and waterproofing: Part 1: Site investigation and preparation GG72/1
Basement construction and waterproofing: Part 2: Construction, safety, insulation and services GG72/2
Below-ground drainage systems GG78
Bracing trussed rafter roofs GG8
Building a new felted flat roof GG36
Building brickwork or blockwork retaining walls GG27
Building damp-free cavity walls GG33
Building in winter GG34
Building masonry with lime-based bedding mortars GG66
Building on brownfield sites: Part 1. Identifying the hazards. GG59/1
Building on brownfield sites: Part 2. Reducing the risks. GG59/2
Building reinforced, diaphragm and wide plan freestanding walls GG19
Building simple plan brick or blockwork freestanding walls GG14
Building without cold spots GG35
Carbon monoxide detectors GG30
Choosing external rendering GG18
Connecting walls and floors - 2 part set GG29
Construction and demolition waste: 2 part set GG57
Construction site communication: 2 part set GG54
Climate change GG63
Disposing of rainwater GG38
Domestic chimneys for solid fuel - flue design and installation GG46
Domestic floors - 5 part set GG28 (GG28/1 revised)
Erecting, fixing and strapping trussed rafter roofs GG16
Foundations for low-rise building extensions GG53
Freestanding brick walls - repairs to copings and cappings GG17
Gravity drainage systems for buildings GG76
Habitability guidelines for existing housing GG9
Installing domestic automatic door controls GG48
Installing domestic automatic window controls GG49
Installing fire-resisting ductwork and dampers GG81
Installing smart home digital networks GG77
Installing thermal insulation: Part 1: Good site practice GG68/1
Installing thermal insulation: Part 2: Good site practice GG68/2
Installing wall ties GG41
Insulated external cladding systems GG31
Insulated profiled metal roofs GG43
Insulating ground Floors GG45
Insulating masonry cavity Walls - 2 PART SET GG44
Insulating roofs at rafter level: sarking insulation GG37
Insulating solid masonry walls GG50
Joist hangers GG21
Level external thresholds GG47
Lighting: Part 1. General principles GG61/1
Lighting: Part 2. Domestic and exterior GG61/2
Lighting: Part 3. Non-domestic GG61/3
Loft conversion: Part 1: Structural considerations GG69/1
Loft conversion: Part 2: Safety, insulation and services GG69/2
Maintaining exterior wood finishes GG22
Minimising noise from domestic fan systems GG26
Offsite construction: an introduction GG56
Outline guide to assessment of traditional housing for rehabilitation GG6
Plasterboard: Part 1: Types and their applications GG70/1
Plasterboard: Part 2: Fixing and finishing non-separating walls and floors GG70/2
Plasterboard: Part 3: Fixing and finishing separating compartmenting walls and floors GG70/3
Plastering and internal rendering: Part 1: Design and specification GG65/1
Plastering and internal rendering: Part 2: Workmanship GG65/2
Protecting pipes from freezing GG40
Providing temporary support during work on openings in external walls GG15
Provision of sanitary appliances and their space requirements GG79
Radon protection for new domestic extensions and conservatories with solid concrete ground floors GG73 revised
Radon protection for new dwellings: Avoiding problems and getting it right! GG74 revised
Radon protection for new large buildings GG75 revised
Rainwater harvesting for domestic properties GG82
Reed beds 2 part set GG42
Sound insulation in dwellings: introduction GG83/1
Sound insulation in dwellings: New build GG83/2
Sound insulation in dwellings: Material change of use (conversions) GG83/3
Removing internal loadbearing walls in older dwellings GG20
Repairing external rendering GG24
Repairing or replacing lintels GG1
Replacing failed plaster GG7
Retro-installation of bed joint reinforcement in masonry
Simple Foundations for low-rise Housing. 3 part set GG39
Site-cut pitched timber roofs: design. 2 part set. GG52
Supplementary guidance for assessment of timber-framed houses: part 1. Examination GG11
Supplementary guidance for assessment of timber-framed houses: part 2. Interpretation GG12
Surveying brick or blockwork freestanding walls GG13
Surveying masonry chimneys for repair or rebuilding GG2
Temporary support for openings in external walls: assessing load GG10
The Quality Mark Scheme GG55
Thin layer mortar masonry GG58
Tiling and slating pitched roofs: Design criteria, underlays and battens GG64/1
Tiling and slating pitched roofs: plain and profiled clay and concrete tiles GG64/2
Tiling and slating pitched roofs: natural and manmade slates GG64/3
Timber frame construction: an introduction GG60
Ventilated and unventilated cold pitched roofs GG51
Ventilating thatched roofs GG32
Water services for domestic properties GG80
Working with local businesses and residents GG71

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