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Sustainability: A collection of BRE expert guidance on the issues and impacts of sustainability on the built environment (AP 315) <b>DOWNLOAD</B>

Sustainability: A collection of BRE expert guidance on the issues and impacts of sustainability on the built environment (AP 315) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (Various) (04-Oct-2016)

Book Description

A valuable reference library of BRE Digests, Information Papers and guidance on the issues and impacts of sustainability on the built environment.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents and current guidance on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Delivering sustainable development in the built environment IP 4/09 (2009)
Smart growth: a sustainable strategy for urban development IP 12/12 (2012)
Sustainability at BRE: delivering the S Plan IP 8/12 (2012)
Sustainability strategies for healthcare estates: Lessons from University College London Hospitals IP 24/12 (2012)
Sustainable information technology: a review of current opportunities and challenges IP 19/12 (2012)
Carbon footprinting and labelling of construction products IP 5/11 (2011)
Creating a funding mechanism for UK carbon reduction projects IP 17/10 (2010)
Biodiversity offsetting for developments IP 10/12 (2012)
LCA and REACH: the relationship between life-cycle assessment and the regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals IP 7/12 (2012)
Measuring the wellbeing benefits of interior materials: research programme WISER (Wellbeing: Improving Satisfaction of Users in Refurbishment) IP 20/12 (2012)
Performance and service life in the Environmental Profiles Methodology and Green Guide to Specification IP 1/09 (2009)
Building information modelling life cycle assessment: an introduction to IMPACT IP 5/15 (2015)
Penrhiwceiber Eco Terrace: achieving housing for the 21st century and the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction target IP 5/14 (2014)
Delivering water efficiency in commercial buildings: a guide for facilities managers IP 6/14 (2014)
Findings from the Penwithick Green Deal pilot scheme in Cornwall IP 7/14 (2014)
Energy efficient refurbishment of community centres: Findings from the U choose 2 Retrofit scheme in Cornwall IP 13/14 (2014)
Delivering sustainable, low energy housing with softwood timber frame IP 3/15 (2015)

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(AP 299) Concrete in construction 

(AP 300) Timber in construction 

(AP 301) Climate resilience

(AP 302) Resource efficiency, site operation and handover

(AP 303) Air quality, radon and airtightness

(AP 304) Daylight and shading

(AP 309) Condensation and dampness

(AP 310) Soils, ground investigation and foundations

(AP 311) Renewable energy

(AP 312) Fire safety in buildings

(AP 313) Fire engineering

(AP 314) Sustainable design and assets

(AP 315) Sustainability

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