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Beyond BIM: Knowledge management for a smarter built environment (EP106)

Beyond BIM: Knowledge management for a smarter built environment (EP106)

by Shaun Howell and Yacine Rezgui (02-Apr-2018)

Book Description

While the latest developments in BIM have reinvigorated the research and practitioner community, the current technologies underpinning BIM standards, models and tools have struggled to keep pace with the accelerating technological landscape. New directions are required to drive BIM forward, and integrate it with complementary technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

This book describes these new directions by drawing on research from more than 40 collaborative research projects over the last 25 years. Recommendations and practical advice are offered regarding the design and implementation of information models, intelligent components and surrounding system architectures, to enable the delivery of more intelligent built environments. Examples are given of innovative systems that have been successfully demonstrated, from saving energy in public buildings to the optimisation of water networks.

Starting at the smart building level, the book describes a progression towards smart cities through the integration of data and intelligence across building and infrastructure systems. This leads to a roadmap for the evolution of urban knowledge management from the current focus on project-based knowledge creation, to a whole life-cycle, multi-disciplinary and value-driven approach.

BIM in construction
BIM and the digital economy revolution
Towards a web-native environment
From smart construction to smart buildings
From smart buildings to smart infrastructure
From smart infrastructure to smart cities
The future of BIM in a knowledge-driven built environment


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