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Wheelchair housing design guide (2nd edition)

Wheelchair housing design guide (2nd edition)

by Stephen Thorpe and Habinteg Housing Association (28-Feb-2006)


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Book Description

This second edition explains how to design and detail a home that is fully manageable by wheelchair users and maximises their independence. This activity-based guide: discusses design considerations, requirements and recommendations for various activities carried out within the home; provides design solutions and good practice examples of how to comply with the building accessibility regulations in BS 8300 and Building Regulations Part M; reflects and promotes the values and principles of existing strategies for social inclusion; promotes the long-term cost benefits of designing to wheelchair accessibility standards; includes over 150 detailed diagrams.
124 pages.


Foreword by Bert Massie, Disability Rights Commission
Preface by Jon Rouse, Housing Corporation
- Format
- Scope
- Basis
- Adaptations
- Legislation and Standards
Design for wheelchairs
- Basic design considerations
- Outline of design guidance
- Notes for designers
- Using a wheelchair
- Dimensions and conventions in this guide
Technical sections
1 Moving around outside
2 Using outdoor spaces
3 Approaching the home
4 Negotiating the entrance door
5 Entering and leaving; dealing with callers
6 Negotiating the secondary door
7 Moving around inside; storing things
8 Moving between levels within the dwelling
9 Using living spaces
10 Using the kitchen
11 Using the bathroom
12 Using bedrooms
13 Operating doors
14 Operating windows
15 Controlling services
Appendix A: Summary of requirements
Appendix B: Checklist of best practice
Other sources of information

Other publications that may also be of interest
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Building and urban space accessibility. POLIS: Decision support tools and policy initiatives in support of universal design of buildings.

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