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Office Lighting

Office Lighting

by P Littlefair, A Slater, M Perry, H Graves, D Jaunzens (01-Mar-2001)


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Book Description

Lighting in offices is more important now than ever before. Good lighting can result in important gains in productivity, reduced running costs, and improved corporate image. At the same time the lighting of offices is an increasingly complicated task. Much office lighting is installed and maintained by non-lighting specialists and the aim of this design guide has been to provide an introduction to the key lighting concepts, with simple, practical guidance on lighting provision. However, this guide also seeks to summarise recent research findings, including key results from BRE’s own work. These key results cover issues like daylight provision, setting up lighting controls, user requirements for illuminance, and energy efficiency. In addition, the report relays the findings of research elsewhere on ’hot topics’ like polarised and full spectrum lighting. 38 pages.