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Multi-storey timber frame buildings a design guide

Multi-storey timber frame buildings a design guide

by R Grantham, V Enjily, M Milner, M Bullock, G Pitts (12-Feb-2003)


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This book will be of interest to all building professionals responsible for the design and construction of multi-storey timber frame buildings. Building control, local authorities and insurance companies will also benefit from the normative guidance provided for timber frame buildings. Since this publication documents the results and lessons learnt from research conducted on the world's first six-storey timber building using the platform frame technique of construction, the information contained within will also have global appeal for regulators and code writers.

Design and best practice guidance is provided on: structural stability and robustness (disproportionate collapse), fire safety, differential movement, construction benchmarking, the construction process and building tolerances.

These subjects were investigated as part of the TF2000 project which investigated seven real projects during 1994 and 1995 and then designed and tested a six-storey timber building at Cardington. Results of the fire tests on this building are discussed. 56 pages.

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