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VOC emissions from building products - 2 part set (DG 464)

VOC emissions from building products - 2 part set (DG 464)

by C Yu, D Crump (11-Mar-2002)


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Book Description

Building materials and domestic furnishing products are significant sources of VOCs in indoor environments. The range of VOCs is wide. They have a particularly strong impact on indoor air quality during the first two years of a new building. The pollution load in internal atmospheres can be reduced by careful selection of low emission materials. An emission database is being developed at BRE and, together with databases in other European countries, will provide building designers and building product users with data to evaluate the impact of selected materials on indoor air quality.

Part 1 (8 pages) of this Digest briefly describes sources and methods for measuring VOC emissions, and data for assessing health risks and pollution loads. Part 2 (8 pages) describes available guidelines and labelling schemes for control of VOC emissions in buildings.

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