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External timber structures: preservative treatment and durability (DG 503)

External timber structures: preservative treatment and durability (DG 503)

by Tim Reynolds and Ed Suttie, BRE, and Chris Coggins, Wood Protection Association. (06-Jul-2007)


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Book Description

This Digest provides guidance on appropriate and enhanced specifications of timber preservatives, with additional measures for maximising the service life of timber. It takes account of new types of preservative that are available, and guidance in recent BRE publications, British Standards and other industry publications. It will be useful for all those wanting to specify durable timber structures for external use, and to understand the key issues in ensuring durability. 8 pages.

External timber structures
Use classes
Types of wood preservative
Natural durability and treatability
Maximising the service life of timber components

  • Dual preservative treatment
  • Incising
  • Water repellents
  • Ground-line wraps
  • Barrier wraps and polymer coatings

Engineered timber products
Detailing and choice of materials
References and further reading

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