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Plasterboard. Part 1: Types and their applications  <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Plasterboard. Part 1: Types and their applications (Downloadable version)

by BRE (11-Jan-2007)

Book Description

Part 1 of this Good Building Guide explains the range of plasterboards available and when they can be used. To achieve satisfactory performance of a completed construction, it is crucial that the correct type, thickness or mass of plasterboard is selected.

Contents of Part 1 (8 pages):

Types of plasterboard
● Standard wallboard
● 10 kg/m2 wallboard
● 19 mm plank
● Sound insulation board (blue board)
● Impact-resistant board
● Moisture-resistant board (green board)
● Fire-resistant board (pink board)
● Thermal laminates
● Vapour check plasterboard

● Metal partition systems
● Metal ceiling systems

Changes in the Building Regulations (England & Wales)
● Fire (Approved Document B)
● Acoustics (Approved Document E)
● Thermal (Approved Document L)

Robust Details
● Drylined masonry walls
● Timber/steel-framed walls
● Steel-framed walls
● Timber joist floors
● Concrete floors

Further reading and guidance

It is equally crucial that the appropriate fixing and finishing techniques for each type of board are employed on site. Parts 2 and 3 of this Good Building Guide (available separately or as a set - GG70) provide practical guidance for operatives on fixing and finishing plasterboard, drawing from BRE observations of site practices. Checklists are included for use at both design and site stages.
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