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BRE Building Elements: Foundations, basements and external works<br><b>PDF Download</b>

BRE Building Elements: Foundations, basements and external works
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by H W Harrison, P M Trotman (18-Feb-2002)

Book Description

It is true to say that all sites are different - perhaps that every site is unique. To perform satisfactorily the buildings built on those sites need to be different too. These differences are reflected not only in the superstructures but also in the variety of foundations developed to accommodate different ground conditions.

BRE Building Elements: Foundations provides building professionals with practical details about those parts of buildings in direct contact with the ground, including foundations and basements, together with external works.
The descriptions and advice given in this book concentrate on best practice and include:

Wind & rainfall, wastewater, surface water drains, basements, cellars and underground buildings, public and other utilities, walls, fencing and security devices, hard and soft landscaping. 260 pages
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