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Installing smart home digital networks <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Installing smart home digital networks (Downloadable version)

by Mike Perry (27-Oct-2009)

Book Description

This Good Building Guide focuses on the key practical considerations for installing home digital communication networks, vital for the successful delivery of existing and future digital services. It discusses the range of domestic digital communications networks available, including the advantages and disadvantages of the different data transmission media. Guidance is given on how to do the installation in new build and in refurbishment or retrofit situations.


What is a smart home?
Application of the network and delivery of digital services
- Monitoring and management (Energy and water use. Security and access)
- Public services (Assistive living: telecare and telehealth. Education in the community)
- Wired-up communities
- Distributed working: SOHO (the small office at home)
Components of a home communications network
Communications network media
- Ethernet
- Wireless
- Phone network
- Powerline networks Design of the home network
- Cabled or wireless?
- Layout of data faceplates
- Location of an external connection point (terminal boxes and equipment cupboards)
- Data cable routes
Practicalities of installation
- New build homes (Confirm availability of access to broadband. CLG guide on data ducting. Horizontal and vertical distribution of data cables. Installation contractors. Physical and system security. Wireless router and access point location. Service delivery devices)
- Existing housing stock: refurbishment and retrofit (Attic spaces. Suspended or sleeper floors. Built-in storage areas. Soffits. Basements. Garages)
References and further reading


" Practical advice on installing digital networks
" Discusses the range of digital communications network applications and network media suitable for domestic use
" Explains advantages and disadvantages of different data transmission media
" Helps in decision making for successful delivery of existing and future digital services

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