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Smart home systems and the Code for Sustainable Homes

Smart home systems and the Code for Sustainable Homes

by Alison Nicholl and Mike Perry (20-Nov-2009)


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Book Description

This guide identifies the role that smart home systems could play in achieving the performance levels set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes. The current performance criteria in the Code do not include the use of smart home technologies, which have the potential to deliver significant benefits in support of meeting the different performance levels. The guide demonstrates how smart home solutions can be used to enhance the environmental, economic and social sustainability of homes. It:

  • discusses the requirements of the Code,
  • outlines the benefits of smart home systems,
  • provides evidence linking integrated smart home (and building) technologies to environmental and sustainability benefits such as reducing energy and water consumption,
  • includes case studies of practical examples of smart home installations and their benefits.



1 Introduction


2 The Code for Sustainable Homes
Dwelling emission rate.
Building fabric.
Internal lighting.
Drying space.
Energy-labelled white goods.
External lighting.
Low- or zero-carbon technologies.
Home office.
Internal potable water.
External potable water.
Lifetime homes.
Home user guide.
Secured by design


3 What is a smart home?


4 Smart home systems and the Code
Thermal comfort.
Communications and entertainment.
Safety and security.
Health and wellbeing.
Smart metering.
Protecting the building fabric


5 Community applications


6 Extending smart homes into housing refurbishment


7 Case studies
Integer Alpine Close Development, Maidenhead.
KNX controls in Switzerland.
BASF House, University of Nottingham.
An 18th century cottage, Derbyshire.
Hidden Streams, Sussex.
Westlea Housing Association, Cherhill.
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Lyng Estate.
Residential buildings in Singapore.
Places for People Group, Milton Keynes.
First Choice Homes, Oldham.
Ayrshire Housing Association sheltered housing


8 References

25 pages.

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