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Insulating masonry cavity walls: Part 1 - Techniques and materials <B>(Downloadable version)</B>

Insulating masonry cavity walls: Part 1 - Techniques and materials (Downloadable version)

by C Stirling (02-Jan-2001)

Book Description

With increasing pressure to provide ever thicker levels of insulation there is concern that thermally upgrading conventional cavity walls, consisting of two leaves of masonry, may prove impracticable. Part 1 (4 pages) of this Good Building Guide highlights techniques and materials for insulating cavity walls. Part 2 (8 pages) provides guidance on how to reduce the associated technical risks. The guidance is for cavity walls having two masonry leaves; it is not suitable for timber-framed construction. NB it relates more to new-build housing than to retrofitting insulation.

This pdf is Part 1 only. 4 pages.
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