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Installing fire-resisting ductwork and dampers

Installing fire-resisting ductwork and dampers

by N Macdonald, Ian Stewart (24-Feb-2011)


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Book Description

This Good Building Guide illustrates the importance of correctly installing fire-resisting ductwork and dampers to ensure the safety of building occupants and the protection of property in the event of a fire. Some key fundamentals for the guidance of specifiers, manufacturers, contractors and approval authorities are given, together with useful references to more comprehensive documents. The importance of adequate testing, product quality, installation, maintenance and the critical role of third-party certification schemes are highlighted.



Fire-resisting duct

Fire damper

Fire and smoke damper

Smoke control damper

Fire compartmentation and the protection of means of escape

Installation of dampers


Fixing method

Construction of compartment wall or floor

Fire-stopping gaps around the damper

Damper support

Damper location

Heat radiation

Discussion of test, assessment and certification requirements

Installation of fire-resisting ductwork systems

Size of duct

Shape and orientation of duct

Supports for the ductwork

Fire-stopping gaps at wall and floor penetrations

Heat radiation

Hanger protection

Discussion of test, assessment and certification requirements

Third-party certification of fire protection products and systems


Liaison between all parties





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