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LED lighting: A review of the current market and future developments

LED lighting: A review of the current market and future developments

by H Graves and C Ticleanu, BRE (16-Sep-2011)


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Book Description

Lighting is one of the largest users of energy in buildings, being responsible for around 20% of electricity use. Good lighting is essential to health, well-being and productivity, but the efficiency of light sources varies widely. To reduce carbon emissions, designers, owners and occupiers are looking at the energy efficiency of lighting. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a proven technology that offers enormous possibilities for providing highly energy-efficient and good-quality lighting. This BRE Trust Report summarises the current LED market and various advantages of LEDs, and outlines the challenges and barriers to adoption of the technology.


Executive summary

1 Introduction

2 Background

LED light engines

LED manufacture

LED lighting applications

3 The supply chain

Market projections

4 Standards and regulatory issues

Light quality metrics         

Labelling programmes



Performance specification

5 Advantages and benefits of LEDs


Support and funding

Research and development


Driver requirements

6 Challenges and barriers to adoption

7 Conclusions and recommendations

8 References

Glossary of terms and abbreviations


A4 26pp


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