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Smoke detection in high ceiling spaces (2-part set)

Smoke detection in high ceiling spaces (2-part set)

by R Chagger, BRE (18-Jun-2012)


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Book Description

Specifying suitable smoke detection in high ceiling spaces such as atria, warehouses and entertainment venues is very complicated, and the criteria for assessing the performance of aspirating and optical smoke detectors are not fully understood. Research by BRE Trust and the Fire Industry Association (FIA), using computer modelling and full-scale tests, has provided valuable data that have enabled guidance to be revised. These Information Papers outline the programme of research and summarise the conclusions.

The research was conducted in three phases: a literature review, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling and fire tests conducted in a 43.5 m high hangar. Part 1 of this Information Paper covers the literature review and CFD modeling and Part 2 covers the fire tests and conclusions.

These Information Papers are aimed at manufacturers and installers of smoke detectors, building designers and regulators, who should find them valuable in gaining a full understanding of the main factors influencing smoke detection in such applications.

Part 1

1 Introduction

2 Literature review

3 CFD modelling


Part 2

1 Introduction

2 Equipment details

3 Detector locations and configurations

4 Hangar conditions

5 Test fires

6 Results from the fire tests

7 Discussion

8 Conclusions from the fire tests

9 Conclusions


A4 24pp, 18 line drawings, 9 photos

Available on or after 1/7/2012.