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Service life prediction for timber cladding: Developments in standards and specifications <b> Downloadable Version </b>

Service life prediction for timber cladding: Developments in standards and specifications Downloadable Version

by E Suttie, BRE (15-Jun-2012)

Book Description

This Information Paper reviews service life prediction for timber and the work within the pan-European WoodExter project. Service life prediction of buildings is discussed in the context of ISO 15686, the international standard for service life prediction. The factor method from that standard is applied in principle to timber cladding as a product and the findings are presented alongside a review of exterior timber cladding in the context of the codes, standards and regulations that influence specification.

Timber cladding is a growing commercial opportunity for wood, becoming more frequently specified on public and private buildings. It is also a high-value end use, which can take advantage of all the factors that influence the service life of the product.

The WoodExter project is developing a model for predicting the service life of exterior timber cladding, to enable better selection of material for the required service life and to provide information for professionals wanting to understand and use timber cladding.



-What is service life prediction?

Regulations and standards

-Construction Products Directive

-Service life planning work in ISO

-Service life planning work by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) (CEN/TC 350 Sustainability of construction works. CEN/TC 351 Construction products: assessment of release of dangerous substances)

-COST Action E37 Sustainability through new technologies for enhanced wood durability

Exterior timber cladding

-ISO 15686 and the factor method for predicting service life

-Cladding types

-Specifying cladding durability: codes and standards

 (Specification of treated timber for construction. BS EN 599-1:2007 and standard biological tests. BS 8417:2011 Preservation of wood – Code of practice)

-Minimising moisture ingress

-Environment and sustainability

European project WoodExter

Summary of findings

-Developing the research model

-Future developments (Refining the factor method. CEN/TC 38 Working Group WG 28 (Performance classification). Cladding: ‘five keys’)



Further reading 


Available on or after 10/8/2012.

A4 16pp, 5 line drawings and 7 photos

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