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Structural appraisal of existing buildings, including for a material change of use: 4-part set

Structural appraisal of existing buildings, including for a material change of use: 4-part set

by S Matthews, BRE (05-Dec-2012)


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Book Description

This 4-part Digest gives guidance to professional engineers on the structural appraisal of existing buildings, including making a structural appraisal for a material change of use.

Part 1 considers the overall regulatory requirements, and in particular the disproportionate collapse issues associated with Requirement A3 of the Building Regulations Approved Document A: Structure.

Part 2 introduces structural appraisal, and discusses the factors that might influence the outcome of an appraisal, and what might be involved in preparing for it.

Part 3 describes structural appraisal procedures and looks in detail at the process of structural appraisal: at the steps involved and at the levels of activity.

Part 4 provides additional coverage on sources of information; on the characteristics of materials; on defects, deterioration and damage mechanisms (physical, chemical, biological, electrochemical and electromagnetic); and on through-life management in a low-carbon future (refurbishment of existing buildings, timing of decisions, through-life value, sustainability)


1 Introduction
2 Reasons for undertaking a structural appraisal
3 Regulatory requirements and disproportionate collapse issues
4 Other UK legislation
References and notes

1 Introduction to structural appraisal
2 Establishing the brief for a structural appraisal
3 General considerations and influencing factors
Annex: Definition of terms relating to the stability of the structure
1 The structural appraisal process
2 Structural work needed for proposed change of use (step 7)
3 Other health and safety issues (steps 7 and 8)
4 Reporting the outcomes of the appraisal (step 8)
References and notes
Annex A: Ancillary aspects of making a structural appraisal
Annex B: Residual service life estimation (part of step 6)

1 Gathering information
2 Characteristics of materials
3 Defects, deterioration and damage mechanisms
4 Through-life management
5 Future look
Annex: Bibliography and sources of information


A4 60pp

8 line drawings, 7 photos



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