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Housing in the UK : National comparisons in typology, condition and cost of poor housing (FB 62)

Housing in the UK : National comparisons in typology, condition and cost of poor housing (FB 62)

by Justine Piddington, Helen Garrett and Tad Nowak (16-Dec-2013)


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Book Description

There is a regular call for UK housing statistics to compare them with other countries. However, statistics in the UK are compiled from the four separate and different housing stock surveys in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England and are difficult to combine as a unified whole. This report addresses a UK comparison to explain the, sometimes surprising, differences between the housing stocks, and quantifies the total repair bill and cost of poor housing to the UK. Using the results of the English Housing Survey, Northern Ireland House Condition Survey, Living in Wales survey and Scottish House Condition Survey, the report provides key information on the housing stock profile and condition. 

1 Introduction
1.1 The national housing surveys
1.2 Reference date for the report
1.3 Vacant dwellings
1.4 International comparisons with the housing stock of the UK
1.5 Typology of housing in the UK 2 Profile of the UK housing stock
2.1 Distribution of occupied housing in the UK
2.2 Tenure profile of housing in the UK
2.3 Other key dwelling descriptors
2.4 Amenities and mains services
2.5 Number of habitable rooms
2.6 Attics and basements
2.7 Porches and conservatories
2.8 Construction type and materials used
2.9 Space and water heating systems
2.10 Insulation
3 Dwelling conditions in the UK
3.1 Damp
3.2 Age of kitchen and bathroom amenities
3.3 Electrical systems
3.4 Age of windows
3.5 Age of roof cover
3.6 Structural defects
3.7 Secure windows and doors
3.8 Burglar alarms
3.9 Liveability/problems in local area
3.10 Energy efficiency (SAP) rating
3.11 Fuel poverty
3.12 Housing Health and Safety Rating System
3.13 Disrepair 4 Cost of poor housing in the UK
4.1 Defining poor housing
4.2 What costs should be included?
4.3 The total cost of poor housing in the UK
5 Conclusions and recommendations
6 References Appendix: Useful data

A4, 56pp, 34 drawings, 46 photos

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