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DC isolators for photovoltaic systems (FB 68)

DC isolators for photovoltaic systems (FB 68)

by Steve Pester (07-Oct-2014)


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Book Description

PV power systems are now commonplace. In most cases the PV systems are safe and reliable, but incorrectly specified or installed isolators can cause fires, damage the reputation of the solar power industry, or worse, cause loss of life.This guide provides the key points to take into account when specifying DC isolators, including standards and certifications required.
The guide:
- describes the purpose, functions and features of isolators on PV systems
- describes some of the available products
- highlights some of the real issues occurring in the field (with a rogues’ gallery of examples)
- reviews the relevant standards and guidance that are currently available
- summarises the key recommendations. 

Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 What is an isolator?
3 Current issues and rogues’ gallery
4 AC and DC electricity
5 Typical PV systems
6 Types of DC isolator on the market 
7 Specifying DC isolators for PV systems
8 Standards and certifications
9 Conclusions and recommendations
Appendix: Utilisation categories
References and further reading

A4, 28pp, 7 drawings, 13 photos

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