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Timber in construction: A collection of BRE expert guidance on timber materials, applications and performance (AP 300) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Timber in construction: A collection of BRE expert guidance on timber materials, applications and performance (AP 300) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (various) (01-Apr-2015)

Book Description

A valuable reference library of BRE Digests and Information Papers on timber materials, applications and performance.

This pack is one of a series of compilations of BRE background documents, and current guidance and advice on the built environment, each offering exceptional value for construction professionals.


Timber in construction
Assessment of timber structures DG 517 (2010)
External timber structures: preservative treatment and durability DG 503 (2007)
Innovation in timber supply at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games IP 17/12 (2012)
Specifying structural timber DG 416 (2014)
Timber bridges DG 481 (2004)
Timber cladding DG 521 (2011)
Timber frame buildings: a guide to the construction process DG 496 (2005)
Timber frame construction: an introduction GG 60 (2004)
Using UK grown Douglas fir and larch timber for external cladding DG 494 (2005)
Using UK-grown Sitka spruce for exterior cladding DG 500 (2006)

Timber performance and protection
Durability of timber in ground contact IP 14/01 (2001)
Identifying damage by wood-boring insects DG 307 (1996)
Incising UK-grown Sitka spruce IP 13/05 (2005)
Modified wood: an introduction to products in UK construction DG 504 (2007)
Preservative-treated timber: ensuring conformity with European Standards IP 6/99 (1999)
Service life prediction of timber cladding: developments in standards and specifications IP 16/12 (2012)
Termites and UK buildings:
Part 1 – Biology, detection and diagnosis DG 443/1 (1999)
Part 2 – Control and management of subterranean termites DG 443/2 (1999)
Thermowood® cladding: a technical summary IP 10/14 (2014)
Wet rots: recognition and control DG 345 (1989)
Wood rot: assessing and treating decay GR 12 (1997)
Wood-boring insect attack:
Part 1 – Identifying and assessing damage GR 13/1 (1998)
Part 2 – Treating damage GR 13/2 (1998)

Wood technology
Advances in timber grading DG 445 (2000)
British grown Douglas fir: growth rate and density relating to visual grading and strength class attribution IP 3/14 (2014)
Bio-resins in construction: a review of current and future developments IP 4/12 (2012)
Drying distortion of timber: guidance on selection, conditioning and handling DG 514 (2010)
Green gluing of timber: a feasibility study IP 10/05 (2005)
Guide to machine strength grading of timber DG 476 (2003)
Hardwoods for joinery and construction:
Part 1 – Technical assessment methods DG 431/1 (1998)
Part 2 – Test results and recommendations DG 431/2 (1998)
Part 3 – Test results and recommendations DG 431/3 (1998)
Timber grading and scanning DG 492 (2005)
Wood-based panels:
Part 1 – Oriented strand board (OSB) DG 477/1 (2003)
Part 2 – Particleboard (chipboard) DG 477/2 (2003)
Part 3 – Cement-bonded particleboard DG 477/3 (2003)
Part 4 – Plywood DG 477/4 (2003)
Part 5 – Medium density fibre board (MDF) DG 477/5 (2004)
Part 6 – Hardboard, medium board and softboard DG 477/6 (2004)
Part 7 – Selection DG 477/7 (2004)


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(AP 300) Timber in construction 

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