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Changing energy behaviour in the workplace (FB 73)

Changing energy behaviour in the workplace (FB 73)

by Mindy Hadi (16-Mar-2015)


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Book Description

Companies are becoming more aware of the public relations value of the green agenda to their business. Information on their sustainability performance, including energy consumption, is being reported on including in the annual corporate responsibility report.

This guide discusses the impact of energy use in the workplace on the end-user and company. It reviews the role of feedback as a change mechanism and the use of interfaces such as eco-visualisation to motivate and maintain change, using examples from BRE research

1 Introduction
2 Energy-saving potential in non-domestic buildings
3 The role of the end-user in energy consumption in the workplace
3.1 Impact of the user on energy consumption
3.2 Who is the consumer?
4 Motivating and influencing behaviour
4.1 The role of motivation
4.2 Motivation theories
5 Engaging the end-user in non-domestic buildings
6 Using energy consumption feedback in behaviour change
6.1 The role of feedback in energy behaviour
6.2 Interface design
6.3 Does energy feedback work?
7 Automated systems - pros and cons
8 Conclusions
9 References

A4, 20pp, 7 drawings, 4 photos

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