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Sound insulation in dwellings: Part 3: Material change of use (conversions) (GG 83-3) DOWNLOAD

Sound insulation in dwellings: Part 3: Material change of use (conversions) (GG 83-3) DOWNLOAD

by Gary Timmins (30-Oct-2015)

Book Description

This three-part Good Building Guide provides practical guidance for designers, construction managers and operatives, and property developers on understanding the requirements of national building regulations concerning the provision of sound insulation in dwellings.

The aim of Part 3 is to give practical advice and outline guidance on appropriate constructions that will provide a reasonable level of sound insulation between dwellings formed by a material change of use (conversions). Where new dwellings are formed in a building as a result of a material change of use, they are subject to routine pre-completion testing to ensure that they comply with the minimum performance targets in the appropriate national building regulations and any site-specific requirements.

The regulatory requirements and more general information are provided in Part 1 of this publication. Part 2 gives advice on providing the correct level of sound insulation when constructing new dwellings.

The noise problem
Beginning the process
- Step 1: Establish dwelling layouts
- Step 2: Identify existing sound insulation performance
- Step 3: Desktop assessment
Altering existing walls to form separating walls
- Preparatory work
- Masonry walls
- Other wall types
Altering existing floors to form separating floors
- Preparatory work
- Timber floors
- Secondary ceiling
- Penetrations to timber floors
Potential conflicts with other regulations and requirements
References and further reading

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