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Corrosion of steel in concrete - three part set (DG 444) <B>DOWNLOAD</B>

Corrosion of steel in concrete - three part set (DG 444) DOWNLOAD

by BRE (01-Feb-2000)

Book Description

This Digest is in three Parts. Part 1 examines the durability of steel in concrete. With Part 2 on investigation and assessment, and Part 3 on protection and remedial work, it sets out the basic principles for all those concerned with the design and maintenance of durable concrete structures: owners, tenants on repairing leases, architects, surveyors, engineers, material scientists and contractors. It also examines existing standards of construction and the lessons learned from the investigation of cases of corrosion in concrete.

Part 1 explains the physical, chemical and electrochemical processes involved in the deterioration of reinforced concrete by corrosion; it summarises the mechanisms underlying protection, considers issues associated with the durability management of existing structures, and reviews best practice in designing and specifying reinforced and prestressed concrete for new structures to achieve durable whole-life performance.

Part 2 provides concise guidance on the format for investigations of corrosion of steel in concrete, the techniques employed and how this can lead to a prognosis for the future performance of existing reinforced concrete structures.

Part 3 describes the protection and repair of concrete structures subject to corrosion damage, or which are expected to need such measures to minimise future damage or deterioration.

Digests 263, 264 and 265 are now withdrawn. 

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