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Radon solutions in homes: Part 3 Radon sump systems - downloadable version

Radon solutions in homes: Part 3 Radon sump systems - downloadable version

by C Scivyer (06-Feb-2013)

Book Description

This Good Repair Guide offers guidance to builders and homeowners installing radon sump systems in homes. It covers the installation of both active (fan-assisted) and passive sump systems. Advice is also given on system maintenance and what to do if the system fails to adequately reduce radon levels.
This Good Repair Guide is Part 3 in a 3-Part set and replaces the guidance given in BRE Report BR 227. Part 1 covers underfloor ventilation and Part 2 covers positive house ventilation.
This guide is split into three sections:
-introduction to radon and sump systems
-guidance on installing sump systems, including worksheets 
-maintaining systems and what to do if a sump system does not reduce radon levels sufficiently.


-Where can sump systems be used?
-What is a sump?
-How does a sump work?
-Active sump systems
-Passive sumps
-Specifications for installing active sump systems
Guidance on installing sump systems
-Construction (Externally constructed mini sump. Internally constructed sump. Prefabricated sumps. Important tips)
-Newbuild properties (built since the early 1990s)
-Number of sumps required
-Pipework required
-Fans (Important tips)
-Positive pressurisation of sumps
-Exhaust outlets
-Noise reduction
-Communal sump systems
-Suspended ground floors (over bare earth)
-Passive sump systems (How they work)
Maintaining systems
-Long-term system inspection and maintenance
-Indications that the fan is working
-Radon measurement checks
-What to do if the sump system does not work
-Diagnostics for specialists
Further information


A4 8pp
9  line drawings, 15 photos

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