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Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multistorey buildings: Third edition <br>(BR 135) <b>DOWNLOAD</b>

Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multistorey buildings: Third edition

by S Colwell and T Baker (28-Feb-2013)

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Please note this edition of BR135 has not been reviewed since the publication of the 2020 versions of BS 8414 Parts 1 & 2. As such, the 3rd edition of BR135 cannot be used for classification with the BS 8414 Parts 1 & 2 2020 published versions.

BRE has agreed with BSI that BSI takes ongoing responsibility for the publication for the classification of fire performances associated with the BS 8414 Parts 1 & 2 standards published from 2020 onwards

External cladding systems offer a potential route for fire spread through multistorey buildings. This third edition of BR 135 sets out the principles and design methodologies related to the fire spread performance characteristics of non-loadbearing cladding systems, and provides revised guidance in the light of the growing market for cladding systems and increasing thermal performance requirements. It also updates the guidance on fire performance of currently used materials and technologies.The illustrations and scenarios given are based on typical examples of current practice, but, in view of the rapid changes in designs and materials, the guidance aims to enable designers to understand the parameters relating to fire safety design and construction of external cladding. It also consolidates the fire performance classification systems for full-scale fire tests in BS 8414.



Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.2 Terms and definitions
2 Legislation
2.1 Building regulations
2.2 Property protection
3 Mechanisms of fire spread
3.1 Initiation of the fire event
3.2 Fire break out
3.3 Interaction with the external envelope
3.4 Fire re-entry
3.5 Fire Service intervention
4 Cladding systems: Application and types
4.1 Materials for external finishes
4.2 Glazing4.3 Curtain walling
4.4 Insulating materials
5 External finish construction types
5.1 Non-ventilated applied finishes
5.2 Ventilated applied finishes
6 Fire performance design principles for external cladding systems
6.1 General
6.2 Supporting substrates and frameworks
6.3 System-specific details: rendered systems
6.4 Ventilated cavity systemsReferences
Annex A: Performance criteria and classification method of BS 8414-1
-Test method
- Performance criteria and classification methodAnnex
B: Performance criteria and classification for BS 8414-2
-Test method
- Performance criteria and classification method

A4, 32pp

14 line drawings, 13 photos


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