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Radon: Guidance on protective measures for new buildings (BR 211- 2015 edition) DOWNLOAD
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Chris Scivyer
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This report gives guidance for reducing the concentration of radon in new buildings, extensions, conversions, and refurbishment projects in order to reduce the risk to occupants of exposure to radon. It provides practical details on protective measures for both domestic and non-domestic buildings. This guide is intended for use in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and supports building regulations for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and building standards for Scotland. This guide was originally introduced in 1991 and amended in 1992, 1999 and 2007. This 2015 edition replaces the guidance published in 2007.

This combined guide replaces three earlier guidance documents:
- BRE Report BR 211, Radon: guidance on protective measures for new buildings, originally introduced in 1991 and amended in 1992, 1999 and 2007 covering England and Wales.
- BRE Report BR 376, Radon: guidance on protective measures for new dwellings in Scotland, introduced in 1999.
- BRE Report BR 413, Radon: guidance on protective measures for new dwellings in Northern Ireland, introduced in 2001.

-What is radon?
National building regulation guidance
Protective measures
Determining the level of protection
-Maps in this report
Protective measures: technical approach
-Basic radon protection
-Full radon protection
Detailed protective measures
-Workmanship and inspection
-Radon-proof barriers
-Protecting suspended timber floors
-High water table
-Slip or shear planes
-Reinforced concrete floor slabs
-Subfloor ventilation
-Subfloor depressurisation and sumps
-Basements or occupied spaces below ground
-Conversions and refurbishment
-Monitoring radon in completed buildings and extensions
-Information to be provided to the purchaser
References and further reading
-Further reading
-Further information
Appendix A: Maps of areas where basic or full protection should be provided
Appendix B: Radon protective measures quality management checklist

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Radon protection for new domestic extensions, dwellings and large buildings : Good Building Guides 73, 74 and 75 (2014 editions)(AP 307) DOWNLOAD (AP 307)

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