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BRE Expert Collections

BRE Expert Collections

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Get a wealth of expertise with these BRE Expert Collections

Providing background, and current guidance and advice from industry experts at BRE, these PDF collections offer exceptional value for construction professionals. Each collection comprises of hand-picked BRE Digests, Good Building Guides, Good Repair Guides and Information Papers on specific built environment topics.

There are 13 Collections available to download individually, or purchase multiple collections and claim a discount.

For multi-pack purchases, quote these discount codes at checkout:

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(AP 299) Concrete in construction

(AP 300) Timber in construction

(AP 301) Climate resilience

(AP 302) Resource efficiency, site operation and handover

(AP 303) Air quality, radon and airtightness

(AP 304) Daylight and shading

(AP 309) Condensation and dampness

(AP 310) Soils, ground investigation and foundations

(AP 311) Renewable energy

(AP 312) Fire safety in buildings

(AP 313) Fire engineering

(AP 314) Sustainable design and assets 

(AP 315) Sustainability